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Why Easy Turf?

As more and more artificial grass suppliers come into the marketplace, you as a consumer will be exposed to different types of products which may cause confusion. You will be told different things by various sales people trying to convince you why you should buy from their artificial turf company. We will help clarify and sort through all of the different issues that may concern you.


While there are synthetic lawn suppliers in Temecula that are trying to duplicate FieldTurf’s patented turf design and installation process, all come up short. As seen in synthetic grass reviews from happy EasyTurf customers. Competing products do not have the same look and feel, are not as durable, do not last as long or drain as well. Since the FieldTurf product and process are patented, artificial grass suppliers that are trying to duplicate FieldTurf cannot offer the same combination of materials.


FieldTurf is an international artificial grass supplier that has been setting the industry standard for artificial turf for over twenty years. FieldTurf offers a combination of materials engineered to take on the stringent requirements of professional football and baseball, collegiate and high school football, soccer and golf. These organizations have done the research and select FieldTurf virtually every time!


EasyTurf has thousands of local artificial turf installations in Southern California. Competing synthertic turf companies are coming and going, but EasyTurf is here to stay.

Since they can’t offer the same quality, other companies in the area are trying to acquire your business by selling at a low price. These companies make claims that their turf is "just as good as FieldTurf." These claims are absolutely untrue. FieldTurf is superior in numerous ways including natural look and feel, durability and life expectancy, and drainage capabilities. Working with companies that are cutting corners puts YOU AT RISK AS A HOMEOWNER!

EasyTurf is a licensed California contractor (#947142), a California Landscape Association Member, Better Business Bureau Member, and is insured and bonded. All of our installers are employees so we have workers compensation in place. We never subcontract our installations or use day labor.


EasyTurf offers the longest, most comprehensive and solid warranty in the business.


Sending trained installers to your home gives you the assurance that your installation will be done right the first time. If there is a problem, it will be taken care of by EasyTurf. You won’t be in the middle of a battle between the company that SOLD you the artificial turf and the company that INSTALLED the artificial turf.


The drainage capability should be a major consideration of the artificial turf you are considering, especially if you are a pet owner considering a dog grass installation. FieldTurf’s patented permeable backing and installation process provide unmatched drainage of water and dog urine. We do not drill holes for drainage, which do not drain as claimed. If you do choose a product with holes drilled for drainage, expect to see ponding after rains and to manually rinse off dog urine on a daily basis.


An EasyTurf installation is expected to last 15-20 years provided basic care is taken. No other artificial lawn company can make this claim. Competing products of lesser quality will not hold up to the sun as well and will mat down with normal foot traffic. We continue to hear from unhappy customers of competing products about the dissatisfaction with the artificial turf that they chose after only a short period of time.

California Contractor’s License

When a home project totals over $500, any company you hire must legally have a valid Contractor’s License. They are required to include this number on any materials they use to market their work, on their contracts, etc. Without insisting on a licensed business, you become liable for any problems.


The old adage of “getting what you pay for” is certainly true when it comes to artificial turf suppliers. In most cases, you will pay more by choosing EasyTurf. The combination of a superior and time-tested product, trained and supervised employee installers and a stable and licensed company that doesn’t cut corners, does create a higher artificial grass price, although, frankly speaking, shopping by price alone is a mistake when it comes to such a valuable investment of your home.

Being an Educated Consumer

No matter who you choose to install your artificial turf, you will be making a considerable investment. Make certain that you have done your research and that you make the choice that will serve you for years and years to come.

EasyTurf invites you to do your homework. Contact the BBB and The California Landscape Association for references, and check out existing installations of the company’s turf. Also, research the manufacturer of the artificial turf products you are considering. Please visit our Consumer Awareness page for more information about making the right synthetic turf choice for your project.


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